Greaser Demon

Digital Illustration and Design by GreaserDemon

All illustrations and designs posted on are under intellectual copyright laws and
are not to be used in any way without written permission from GreaserDemon

Terms of Service

By commissioning me you are assuring that you have
read, understood and will abide to my terms of service

I do commissions via Paypal only currently, and I only handle commissions via Paypal ‘invoices’ unless said otherwise.
Do not directly send me money through Paypal as I do not do that anymore, for safety reasons and transaction recording.
I retain all full commercial and distribution rights to my works unless I state otherwise.
You may use the artwork or designs you commissioned or purchased from me for personal use only,
you may not use them for commercial purposes.
I am am unwilling to knowingly do NSFW commissions for individuals under 18 years of age, it is illegal,
however I will not take any responsibilities for your actions. Commissions me at your own risk!
If I do see you are listed younger than 18 on your page, I will decline with no exceptions.
I do not give refunds, unless it’s been exactly one month and I haven’t given you any WIPS.Commercial use of my works is strictly prohibited, since I still own rights to it.
You may not “sell” t-shirts, prints,or any other physical items with my artwork on it.
If you wish to obtain the rights to the image, as well, we can discuss this
before I begin working on your commission or design. Making free products of your design is acceptable,
as long as nothing is being “sold” of that design. You have partial rights to my designs not full rights.
You may re-upload or share my artwork and designs
you have obtained from me with proper credit to me. (GreaserDemon)
◆ I need a visual reference of your character. If you do not support a visual reference
I will charge extra for the work of designing your character.
I do not give out watermark-less files and do not remove my watermarks or signatures from my works.Do not make edits to my artwork without requesting permission from me first.
I am not comfortable with such and will cease business with you if you continuously edit my works.
Editing the original artwork of designs or (Adoptables) you have purchased or commissioned from me
is okay with permission from me first. You must show me your edited version
once you have finished it to get it approved by me.
You do not need to ask me if you can change the gender or hairstyle of my designs you have obtained
from me
in one way or the other. I never put personal restrictions on my designs in general.
People who are excluded from my works are blacklisted scammers.
I do not put anyone on my blacklist for 'personal reasons'
You may resell my designs for whatever price you deem worthy but please try to keep it reasonable.
If you are unsure with pricing please note me and we can discuss it no problem!
This also includes designs you obtained via trade but not via gift, gifted designs stay gifts!
◆ Although not mandatory, I would prefer that you notify me when you have
traded, sold or gifted a design from me. This is just so I can keep track of my own personal design archive.
Please do not make drastic changes to my designs to where they no longer look in any way similar.
Keeping track of that is near impossible for me.
I do not revoke designs but I will ban people from buying directly from me who scam or repeatedly break my rules.
You will be able to keep the design, but you will not be able to obtain any more designs from me directly.

Dos & Dont's

I Draw:
SFW, NSFW, Gore / Macabre, Horror, Tragedy, Sensitive Themes
Any Species (Humanoid / Anthro / Feral / Monster-Cryptid / Android-Mech etc.)
Any Race, Gender, Sex, Nationality, Age Characters
LGBT+ & Hetero Couples
Religious Related Works (Though I am selective)
Fetish Art (Ask first, I won't draw everything)

I Don't Draw:
Sexualization & Porn of Children / Cubs / Minors
Anything Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic or LGBT+Phobic
Political Works
NSFW Feral
These Fetishes Specifically:
Noncon, Diapers, DD/MD+Little, Zoophillia

Commission Information

Commission Prices Vary On:
Com Type | Species | Design Complexity | Background
Background Complexity | Multiple Characters
NSFW Related | Fetish Related
Clothing/Accessory/Mech etc. Complexity
Additional Add-Ons:
+ 80% = For another character included
+ 20% = NSFW
+ 50% = Some Fetishes [Ask]
Background & Scenery:
50€ to 150€ + additionally
[ The price will be determined based on
our discussion over the background
and how much time I estimate it will take me]
Free Default Backgrounds:
Solid Colour | Transparent [No Background] | Patterned


Headshot [10€] | Half Body | [20€]
Full Body [25€] | Chibi [15€]
Flat or Mono Sketch:
Headshot [15€] | Half Body [25€]
Full Body [30€] | Chibi [20€]


Headshot [20€] | Half Body [35€]
Full Body [40€] | Chibi [30€]


Headshot [40€] | Half Body | [45€]
Full Body [55€] | Chibi [50€]

Pixel Art

50 x 50 [ + 100x100 Resize ] Pixel Icon
15€ [ Headshot ] | 20€ [ Full Body ]
100 x 100 [ Original ] Pixel Icon
25€ [ Headshot ] | 30€ [ Full Body ]
200 x 200 [ Original ] Pixel Icon
30€ [ Headshot ]
200 x 200 or 300 x 300 Pixel Doll
35€ or 45€
Depends on what you are seeking!
The price is usually 2€ to 10€ + on top of
the icon or doll price !

Toyhouse Icons

[300x300 - 400x400]


Crayon Brush Styled Mini Cheebs15€ [Quad] | 25€ [Anthro/Humanoid]
Price increases on character design complexity
Style 1 [Standard] | Style 2 [Simplified]

Style 2 Cheebs


[ Pricing ]Sketch Ref: 50€ [Base]
Simple Ref: 60€ [Base]
Standard Ref: 80€ [Base]
Complex Ref: 100€ [Base]
Quadrupedal Character Refs
Are 10€ less off the pricing list
All of the prices above are base prices
the price may increase based on character design complexity
and clothing/accessory/mech suit etc. complexity

[Add-Ons]Paw/Hand Close-Ups [8€]
Headshot Close-Up [10€]
Mini Full Body Chibi Extra [25€]
Mini Clothed Full Body Extra [30€]
3-er Expression Headshots [40€]
Pet/Companion on Sheet [35€ - 45€+]
Apparel or Armor Extra [35€ - 45+]
Inventory Extra [35€+]
(default 3 items / price increases on item complexity)

Custom Information

Designs you can commission me for personal use only
My designs prices vary on several aspects,
the type of design, the complexity of the design
and if the design is a new or revamped design
Generally my design revamps cost less than my fully new designs.
Humanoid and anthro designs tend to cost more than quadrupedal designs
Before asking me to revamp a pre-existing design for you, please be sure
request permission from the original designer first.
I do not want to infringe on someone else's TOS.
Customs are sfw by default but can be nsfw (nude) additionally,
you must be 18 or older to request a nsfw (nude) version of the design,
it costs 15% of the design price additionally.
Complex clothing, accessories, weapontry, mech suits etc. cost extra and
vary in price based on how complex they are.
Custom clothing, accessories, weaponry, mech suits etc.
also cost extra and vary in prices based on how complex they are.
Please fill out the custom form linked below when ordering!


Sketch: 30€ +
Chibi: 40€ to 80€+
Full: 50€ to 100€+
Species: 40€ to 100€+
Revamps: 30€+ [varies a lot]
Outfits: 30€ + [varies a lot]
Add Ons:
Tattoos Close-Ups [10€+]
Show Back or Covered Markings [10-15€]
Accessory Close Ups [10-15€]
Outfit added to Custom:
[Will get a discount off your custom
price varies on your custom]

Chibi Design

Standard [SD] | Classic | Toony

Full Design

Full Designs are full body, lined and fully shaded
with a colour palette on the side for colour-picking purposes

For Species, I design:
Humanoids, Anthros, Quadrupedals, Monsters,
Cryptids, Androids / Mechs
For Themes:
You may link a moodboard, a palette or just explain to me
what they are based on. Moodboards are my favorite!
For Hairstyles:
I prefer references online but you are free to explain their hairstyle
or just tell me to improvise if you want!
Clothing on the design costs extra
you get a discount if you order a custom outfit with your custom

Please fill out this out when ordering a custom design from me!For Closed Species customs (Aside from Cinnas, they have their own form)
fill the same form out but add Traits: to the form
and list the traits you want / are permitted to use down.

Species: (Mandatory)
Gender: (Mandatory)
Age Range: (Mandatory)
Body Type: (Mandatory)
Species: (Mandatory)
Hairstyle: (Mandatory)
Theme: (Mandatory)
Theme: (Optional)
Clothing: (Optional)
Extra: (Optional)
Payment: (Paypal address)

Please fill this form out when commissioning me !

Commission Type: (Mandatory)
Amount of characters: (Mandatory)
Reference: (Link)
Pose: (optional)
Expression: (optional)
Extra: (optional)
Payment: (Paypal address)